Hearing Assistance

Our sound system features TELEX per-sonal listening devices. Please ask one of the ushers for one of these units if you need assistance with hearing.

Church Bulletins

Please take a Church bulletin. It includes our order of service, future events, prayer requests, birthdays, and our pastor’s commentary.


We enjoy hymns of faith as well as songs of worship and praise. Most often hymns will be sung from the hymnals, and songs of worship and praise will be on the screen up front.


We practice “open communion,” meaning that our attendees are wel-come to join us for communion pro-vided they have trusted Christ as their Savior. We believe that the ’bread and cup’ are symbols of His body and blood.


As family members and pastoral staff, we are concerned about the physical, mental, and spiritual health of our church family. As such, we engage in listening, counsel, prayer, and other help as we can give it. If professional help is needed, we will recommend help outside the church family.


The Bible Church is only a local repre-sentation of the invisible Church—made up of all those individuals who have trusted Christ as Savior and Lord. There is an immediate sense of fellow-ship for true believers. Welcome to the Family!

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